50th Anniversary of the Werner Report

A plan by stages for economic and monetary union in Europe

Luxembourg (6-9 October 2020)

Florence / SoU (6-8 May 2021) External Link

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"Since the signature of the Treaty of Rome, the European Economic Community has taken several steps of prime importance towards economic integration. The completion of the customs union and the definition of a common agricultural policy are the most significant landmarks."

European Commission(1970). Report to the Council and the Commission on the realisation by stages of economic and monetary union in the Community (Werner Report), Luxembourg, 8 October 1970. In Bulletin 11/1970, Supplement, Official Journal of the European Communities of 8 October 1970. Luxembourg: OPOCE, p.7

Conference Events

6 October 2020

Photo Exhibition: The early days of Economic and Monetary Union: Pierre Werner, a pragmatic visionary

6 October 2020

Bridge Forum Dialogue Outstanding Event: The Economic And Monetary Union By Stages
Anniversaries of the Werner Report and the Euro Rescue Funds

7-9 October 2020

Conference: The Werner Report, 50 Years On
The Economic and Monetary Union in Uncertain Times: Learning from the Past to Navigate the Future

8 October 2020

Lecture: Crunch time for the Economic and Monetary Union

8-9 October 2020

Workshop: A Dynamic Economic And Monetary Union

9 October 2020

Research Seminar: The Future of Money in the Digital Age


Academic programme and organisation
Dr Elena Danescu (Coordinator), Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C²DH) / University of Luxembourg 

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